Quantum Discord Workshop 2012

Quantum discord has captured the attention and imaginations of many researchers working in a variety of (quantum) fields. We are organizing this workshop with the aim of bringing these researchers together to discuss not only quantum discord, rather quantum physics and the role of correlations. We will not have many talks in this workshop, about 4 hours of talks per day. Instead we want to encourage collaboration building and interdisciplinary research pursuits.

Quantum discord has had a significant impact in open quantum system, many-body physics and phase transition, quantum communication, computing and information, thermodynamics and demons, measurement problem to list a few fields. Some of these communities are fairly detached from each other and many are geographically separated. We hope that this will be a good opportunity to close these gaps and open new avenues.


Discord Workshop Programme


The event will take place at Hotel Re!

Getting to Hotel Re!:

  1. By MRT: take green line from airport (terminal 2) to Outram Parkstation. Walk to hotel in 7 minutes (see map). MRT runs from 6AM to 12AM. Should take about 35 minutes.
  2. By Taxi: it will cost about S$20 - S$30 depending on time of the day. The hotel address is Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill, 175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879 (nearest MRT is Outram Park)

The colloquium will be held at Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), Seminar Room (S15 #03-15). You may refer to CQT website for directions.


Local Organizers:
Kavan Modi (CQT, NUS)
Hugo Cable (CQT, NUS)
Vlatko Vedral (University of Oxford / CQT, NUS)

External Committee:
Carlton M. Caves (University of New Mexico, USA)
Felipe Fanchini, (Uni. Federal de Ouro Preto, Brasil)
Sabrina Maniscalco (Heriot-Watt University and University of Turku)
Oh Choo Hiap (CQT, NUS)
Andreas Winter (CQT, NUS)


Contact Us

Kavan Modi
Centre for Quantum Technologies
National University of Singapore
Block S15, room #03-18
3 Science Drive 2
Singapore 117543

Fax : +65-6516-6897
Email: discord@quantumlah.org


  • Adesso, Gerardo
  • Aghamalyan, David
  • Agrawal, Pankaj
  • Amico, Luigi
  • Aolita, Leandro
  • Arruda, Luiz Gustavo
  • Assad, Syed
  • Attipat, Rajagopal
  • Auccaise, Ruben
  • Biamonte, Jacob
  • Bo, Li
  • Bylicka, Bogna
  • Chew, Lock Yue
  • Chitambar, Eric
  • Cornelio, Marcio
  • Correa, Luis
  • Dakic, Borivoje
  • Daniel, Alonso
  • Datta, Animesh
  • de Oliveira, Marcos
  • Devi, Usha A. R.
  • Dhar, Himadri Shekhar
  • Du, Jiangfeng
  • Eastin, Bryan
  • Fanchini, Felipe
  • Farrow, Tristan
  • Fedrizzi, Alessandro
  • Fei, Shaoming
  • Ficek, Zbigniew
  • Giorda, Paolo
  • Gu, Mile
  • Gurkan, Nilhan
  • Hu, Xue-Yuan
  • Joag, Pramod
  • Joynt, Robert
  • Koh, Teck Seng
  • Korolkova, Natalia
  • Kwon, Younghun
  • Laflamme, Raymond
  • Lang, Matthias
  • Lee, Chee Kong
  • Li, Chuan-Feng
  • Li, Nan
  • Luo, Shunlong
  • Lutz, Eric
  • Ma, Xiaosong
  • Maniscolca, Sabrina
  • Mazzola, Laura
  • Oppenheim, Jonathan
  • Paris, Matteo
  • Paterek, Tomek
  • Paternostro, Mauro
  • Piani, Marco
  • Rodriguez-Rosario, Cesar
  • Rodriguez, Jeremy
  • SaiToh, Akira
  • Sen (De), Aditi
  • Sen, Ujjwal
  • Serra, Roberto
  • Shaji, Anil
  • Shang, Jiangwei
  • Son, Wonmin
  • Streltsov, Alexander
  • Tatham, Richard
  • Terno, Daniel
  • Vacanti, Giovanni
  • Vinjanampathy, Sai
  • Walther, Philip
  • Wang, Jingbo
  • Williamson, Mark
  • Wu, Shengjun
  • Wu, Yuchun
  • Xu, Jin Shi
  • Yang, Seungho
  • Yu, Sixia
  • Zhang, Chengjie
  • Zurek, Wojciech

Centre for quantum technologies National University of Singapore